Repayments work in line with the pace of your business! Pay back a small fixed percentage each time your customer pays on credit/debit card, with no early repayment fees. That way if you are having a busy period you will repay quicker, or if you are having a slow month you wont be paying back more than your business can afford.

Business Cash Advance

Up to 100k! Payback as you earn!

The Business Cash advance can be a great option for businesses that operate in the retail, service and hospitality sector- in fact any business that makes regular credit/debit sales through their PDQ machine! The repayments automatically work in line with daily turnover, so you don’t have to worry about finding money each week for repayments and if you pay ahead of schedule you are not at risk of incurring early repayment fees! The flexibility of this facility can be good choice for those businesses that have fluctuating sales.

How it works

Repayments are a fixed percentage deduction (usually between 5-15%) of each credit/debit card payment made through your PDQ machine over a 6-18 month period to suit you.

Why Choose Ashley?

  • Only 3 months trading history required (most other lenders require 6 months)
  • Repayment method great for seasonal businesses who have a fluctuating turnover i.e. businesses in the retail and hospitality sector
  • Can be in place in as little as 9 working days
  • Flexible Repayments work at the pace of your business
  • Fixed Transparent fees, No APR, no early repayment penalty
  • Cash Sales remain untouched
  • ‘Top up’ funding available throughout the facility

What type of businesses benefit?

Beauty Salons, Pubs, Independent retailers, Grocery stores, Dental Surgery, MOT garages, Restaurants, Hotels, B&Bs, Take Aways, Off licenses, Nursery’s/Day Care, Vet practices Garden Centers, Bistros, Training companies

Minimum criteria:

  • Must be trading minimum 3 months
  • Must have had a PDQ on the premises for at least 3 months
  • Card transactions must be a minimum of £4,200 per month
  • Must own/lease the business premise
  • Business must be based in England or Wales
  • Personal Guarantee may be required